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To begin, click here to tell us what you need and hopefully we can become successfull contracting partners. As a first step you will find out immediately if we are working in your area. If you enquire about one of the many Berlin areas we are very active in you may expect highly attractive and competitive prices.


Our Contract

As a registered user here you find all the details of our contract. Please make sure to provide us with as accurate location drawings or location plans as you have available since our operators on site work according to this information. Also here you may send us more detailed or updated information any time, it is all very quick and easy.


Our Service for you

Here we provide you with our service operating data (in pdf format) pertaining to your property/building(s). Sorted by clearing object you find our tabular operating data (spreadsheet) for the whole winter season as proof of your statutory obligation to cooperate. And of course you may also edit the email address that we use to contact you here.


Not satisfied or approval

Our quality management needs your input. What is good, what is not, what needs immediate reworking? Your complaints and comments are transfered to our tour operator by fastest electronic means. And will help us to understand what really is important for you, and allow us to provide you with the service both you and we expect to deliver.

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