Vielen Dank für Ihr Vertrauen in der letzen Winterdienstsaison. Mit der Wartung unserer Fahrzeuge und dem Erstellen neuer Angebote sind wir schon in der Vorbereitung für die neue Saison. - Ihr Winterdienst-Team -

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Please enter address of the property/building you desire winter services for. Next it will be checked if we are operating in this area.

Please note: You may add more streets/places of performance later.


Your enquiries will be promptly reviewed and processed. If necessary, our team will make an on-site check for your offer.


If location drawings or plans exist: Please upload it on the following pages before submitting your enquiry.

Property Management companies: Please upload the procuration/power of authority (Vertretungs-/Hausverwaltervollmacht) before submitting.

We kindly ask for detailed information about invoice recipient or contractual partner (e. g. Owners' Assosiation „WEG“, „c/o“ etc.) to ensure that your offer contains the correct data. Private customers please make sure to state first and last name.

Please make sure to provide an "operational" email address for quick communication during winter service operating times via our service portal. You may of course specify multiple addresses.

We look forward to your enquiries!

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